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Ohio, the prehistoric effigy

Ohio, in the United States, is one of those places that can surprise you.  Primarily focused on agricultural endeavors, it does feature three large metropolitan areas:  Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland.  But, it's mostly farmland.  So, it's not surprising that Ohio can hold some . . surprises.  One such feature is the Great Serpent Mound.... The…

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Airstream dreams

Once again, we write about camping. If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for? We would imagine that many don't like the idea of sleeping on wet grass, or fighting off the horde of mosquitos that camping implies, but there are ways around that by upgrading to 21st century technology that's been around…

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Weekly . . perhaps, weakly

The week is the most artificial and recent of our time counts yet it’s impossible to imagine our shared lives without it. Among many collective discoveries during the pandemic confinement of 2020, Americans learned just how attached we are to our seven weekdays. As complaints about temporal disorientation mounted that April, we focused not on the clock…

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Home of the buzzard

You might have heard of Cleveland, Ohio USA, a scrappy city that never gives up. It was formed in the late 1800's and was a manufacturing and financial powerhouse until things dried up in the 1970's. But, the die-hard residents there still plug away at reinventing the city, over and over.  Having major league basketball…

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NFL Centennial Celebration

2020-09-16 @ 10:00 - 2020-09-19 @ 19:00 It’s a 3-day, once-in-an-every-other-lifetime celebration of America’s football game in the city where it all began … Canton, Ohio! Canton, Ohio Add to calendar Google Calendar iCalendar Outlook 365 Outlook Live

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Canada is the largest country in North America by land area, second in the world overall (behind only Russia). Renowned worldwide for its vast, untouched landscape, its blend of cultures and multifaceted history, Canada is one of the world's wealthiest countries and a major tourist destination. [] Cities Click on the city’s name for hotels and activity…

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