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Fly through history, друг

As is our wont, we present yet another post focused on history and travel. But this one takes several different slants, and ones that we hope you'll investigate. Specifically, here we feature live history that you can not only read about (and watch the video,) but this is history where you can…

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A stroll through Ulaanbaatar

Those of you who know where Ulaanbaatar is, raise your hands and congratulations on being a world-aware citizen. For those who don't know, Ulaanbaatar is in Mongolia. When the name Mongolia comes up, what do you think Mongolia might be like? If you picture yaks and onagers, you're partially right. Do…

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Take a tour of the Emirates

Surprise!  This is actually a tour of the sumptuous Emirates Airbus A380, and will be worth every minute of your time. These yachts of the airwaves were almost put out to pasture with the Covid-19 pandemic.  With 400+ seats and breathtaking style and luxury, the A380 was almost anathema, when no-one was flying.  The Boeing 747…

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Two floors of party action!

So, British Airways are introducing a flight to Las Vegas on the newly-loved-again Airbus A380.  The Airbus A380 is a huge aircraft. 469 seats. That means two floors of non-stop party action.  To Las Vegas.  With alcohol.   What could possible go wrong?  🤣  Read more here courtesy of You've got to give BA some credit…

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OK, we take it back. The Airbus 380 will NOT be leaving the skies.

GEEK ALERT:  if you visit this website often, you'll know how much we love technology, especially aircraft. We've recently written that one of the giants (literally) of the skies, the Airbus A380 might be heading off into the sunset, to fly no more. As the world gets smaller and aircraft get better (ie: better fuel…

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Emirates are shrinking

Emirates airlines, one of our affiliate partners, are known for their fleet of top-of-the-line aircraft:  one of the youngest fleets in the world made up entirely of Emirates A380 and Boeing 777s.  Emirates fly to over 135 destinations every year.  But, the prevailing winds are blowing, and for a number of reasons.  First, aircraft of…

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