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America (like many places, we guess) has its ups and downs, and they’re usually significant. The US is a (if not the) monster presence in almost everyone’s lives, no matter where they live. From the lowest of low (war) to the highest of high (endless variety) it’s a place that has a pull on almost everyone, in one way or another. It’s a top holiday location, to be sure. And, with its depth and breadth, it’s tempting to get lured into the big names, such as New York City, or Los Angeles or Houston, Texas. As appealing as those places are, they’re actually low-hanging fruit compared to the places that are a bit more shy, shall we say. When you hop into a car and drive through the Great Plains, or through the dusty south, there is always something to make you stop and experience “the America that we once knew” stills exists.

One example is Lancaster County. We’ll bet you’ve not heard of it. First of all, where is it? It is located in the south central part of Pennsylvania. As of the 2020 census, the population was 552,984. Its county seat is Lancaster. So, your first impression is that it is small, yet big. Pennsylvania is not a place that is in the top ranks of travel in the US. You will probably have heard of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and maybe even Allentown, but maybe just the names.

So, if you’re looking for something different, try Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We once lived not too far from there and we can say for certain that not a whole lot has changed over the decades. And that’s a good thing in our eyes. You can meet with the Amish in their farm shops. The village of Ronks if quite interesting in its history. You’ll see covered bridges. Visit The historic Strasburg railroad and so much more.

Stay at the lovely and historic The Hollinger House. You’ll love the building and locale. Click here.

Take the Amish Experience Guided Tour while you’re there. Fascinating history. Click here to book.

You’ll need a car in Lancaster County. Hertz is the best solution. Click here.

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