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India’s 10,000 forgotten mansions

India is a land with a rich historical and cultural heritage, and it is home to numerous magnificent mansions that hold fascinating stories from the past. These forgotten mansions, often referred to as havelis or palaces, showcase the opulence and grandeur of bygone eras. But where have they gone . . . and why?

A major impact was due to economic changes: India has undergone significant economic transformations in recent decades. With the country’s rapid urbanization and the growth of industries, many wealthy families and individuals have moved to urban centers or overseas. As a result, some mansions have been left behind and gradually fallen into disrepair.

Ruins of Nalandra Bihar, India

It’s also well-known that Partition and migration of India in 1947 led to large-scale migration and displacement of people. Many families who owned mansions and properties left their homes during the partition and were unable to return due to the ensuing conflicts. These abandoned properties were often left unattended, leading to their eventual abandonment. And this was large-scale. What is most interesting is that, like many ruins, you can visit and explore, although you must be mindful. Read more here courtesy of

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