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Million dollar view, no cost to you

Ready for a surprise? Welcome to another instalment of our on-going theme around abandoned places and shattered dreams. There are so many of these that we almost don’t know where to start. (You’ll see loads of them on the site, all worth a look.) And, when you start to explore, taking your time to put all of the pieces in place, you’re often a little overcome to see someone else’s aspirations crumble; that could be you.

Today’s subject is the Monte Palace, located on the lovely São Miguel Island, Azores. Even that sentence conjures up images of languid days by the pool, attentive staff endlessly supplying you with lush drinks all the while. Your only task for your stay there is just to enjoy yourself. In addition to the sumptuous hotel itself, you can step away from the pool and then gasp at the views of the sea, just a few kilometers away.

Good roads allow you to course your way up to the hotel, gasping at the views along the way. You’ll be pinching yourself in anticipation of kicking off your shoes, collapsing into your overstuffed bed, and then planning the day’s activities by the pool.

As it happens, though, you might be a bit surprised if when you compare the real hotel to the brochures.

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Yes, unfortunately, the hotel was a failure, with dozens of stories swirling around about why. Watch the video below, courtesy of your man on the ground, The Tim Traveller, as he spelunks his way through the ruins and gives you a free guided tour. But, fear not, all is not lost. There is a happy ending for you. See below.

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