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The trains that sing

Leave it to the Japanese (as ever) to create an efficient process, but then to add a layer of fun on top. Sure, in this case it’s mainly for making commuting more efficient. About 800,000 people take the trains daily and their network now extends to numerous cities, covering over 2,400 km. Specifically, you may notice something quite unique when you’re in a train station. Now, think about the logistics of that: 800,000 people per day. Breaking it down, at peak times, the line carries up to 16 trains per hour in each direction with 16 cars each (1,323-seat capacity and occasionally additional standing passengers) with a minimum headway of three minutes between trains. How do they do it? Well, mostly with incredible organisation and a population of people who know that working together is the best approach. We applaud them.

But, here’s the real star of this post. Many commuters need to hop from one train to another to get to work, or vice versa. There are 9 subway lines in Tokyo’s 23 wards. So, 9 x 23 x 800,000. A great opportunity for mayhem, wouldn’t you say? But, one clever gentleman (a rail enthusiast) came up with a clever idea: jingles. And it works beautifully. Watch the video below, (courtesy of Bright Trip) and be amazed and amused.

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