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Village of a thousand fakes

In this day and age, in this slice of time in the universe, you may ponder your existence and wonder what life is all about. Where is the good and why can’t everyone share of piece of it? And, in the most concrete sense of the word, what is real, anyway, and would be know it even if it was in our face? And if we did know, would we even care all that much?

Here is a tangible, yet intangible, story about what is real and what is not, and why we make our own decisions about that. Here,  we feature the village of Dafen in China’s Guangdong province. Why there, of all places?  In this village live thousands and thousands of oil painters, all of whom make their living making replicas (in various sizes) of famous paintings by the likes of Leonardo, Rembrandt, Dalí, Basquiat, and — above all, it seems — Van Gogh. Watch Yu Haibo and Kiki Tianqi Yu’s documentary China’s Van Goghs and see what you think. Perhaps even visit the village. Why not?

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