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Last-minute flights = expensive flights

It’s logical to assume that last-minute fares should go down in price. After all, an empty seat generates nothing for an airline, so why wouldn’t they want to keep cutting the price as takeoff nears? Even $50 > $0, right? If you’re a regular traveler, you’ll be smart enough to know that the subject of this post is true, and kind of a “duh” moment. That seems like common sense, doesn’t it?

That was the conventional wisdom for decades. But beginning in the early 1970s, airlines began realizing that people booking last-minute flights generally weren’t vacationers. Instead, it was businesspeople who didn’t schedule meetings months in advance the way leisure travelers schedule vacations.

Things were simpler way back when.

Well, as ever, just like us mortals, the airlines must also try to squeeze blood from a rock, as well, maximizing their profits in order to stay alive and so will tweak prices, perhaps even several times per day, or even using supercomputers to shuffle the results. The takeaway for us leisure travelers: Don’t count on cheap last-minute or standby flights popping up. Instead, expect that last-minute fares will skyrocket.

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